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Sunday, February 07 2016
Signs and Symbols

We recognize hert-shaped clouds and boxes,

arrows for movement, peacocks, and foxes.

Some symbols root deeper, subconscious, prime.

Social agreements as ancient as time.

I see them in the clouds, feel music in the breeze

I hear more than octaves, I cipher with trees!

Creation is life-force and loving energy patterns

Look for the signs around you, and see what truly matters.

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Friday, February 05 2016
Rabbit Food

Has anyone every refused to eat something you prepared because it was "rabbit food"?  If so, I hope it made you smile and think "more for me", because those silly wabbits have some seriously healthy diets.  Here is one of the best ever Vegan recipee's I have ever had the privledge of tasting, outside of the "raw desert" category.  I was introduced to this recipee in the garden of Bastyr University before the new dormatories went in right over the place where I first spoke with a madrona tree.  We had to purchase avocadoes, lemons and onions, but the Kale came right out of the garden.  I bought the Kale from the store this time, as even our cold weather crops are huddled under dry leaves right now.  This is a simple base recipe to add to as you like with liquid aminos, sea salt, spices, olives or pickles, any variety of nuts, unless you are actually making it for a rabbit.

Dice two bunches of Kale super thin.  This takes awhile, so sing "tiny dicer" to the tune of "Tiny Dancer".

Squeeze all the innards of one or two lemons all over the diced Kale and double check that you and everyone helping has washed their hands because you have to actually get into this recipe.

Squish and Mush and Mash the lemon juice all over the diced up Kale.  Let the children do it.  It's green and it's fresh, and it's good clean fun.

Add diced onion, and don't cry about it.  See; if you read the entire recipe before you started, you wouldn't have to wash your hands again.

Squish and Mush and Mash the avocado into the Kale so that it is a creamy sticky flavorfull mess. Note: Some Rabbits are sensitive to Avocado and other vegetables.  Know your rabbit and do not feed any new food without researching it for yourself.  Some research shows avocados are toxic to rabbits, while some people's rabbits were raised eating them and are just fine.  I say stick to green leafies for bunnies.

Licking the green mess off each other's fingers is way more fun than washing it off into the compost or worm bin, and totally okay as long as you wash your hands before you touch the bowl again, or the counter.  Rinsing it off into the worm bin is more fun if you have children to teach about composting and the circle of life.

That's it other than any finishing touches you want to add.  Keep a stock of raw nuts, seeds, and fruits, and let everyone pick like a buffet.

Rabbits like buffets.  Visit this site for a list of things rabbits can and can't eat; and the next time someone calls your salad rabbit food, point out all the things in your salad that are toxic to Rabbits.

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Wednesday, February 03 2016
National Carrot Cake day 2016

Every mom needs a cupboard full of herbal honeys.  Honey is one of the best mediums for extracting nutritive, balancing, and restorative root herbs.  Amazing and delicious deserts disguise the powerful root medicine in our kitchen.

I'm pretty partial to Phoenix Herb Company because I know their suppliers are quality.  Kansas City is lucky to have this valuable resource for home based herbal practices.

There's nothing to it.  Buy the root powders and stir in 1/2 powders 1/2 honey.  This becomes the "wet ingredients" in just about any recipe you can think of from Carrot Cake to Bananna Bread.  Work the dry ingredients the same as in any recipe, with less sugar/brown sugar than is called for because of the honey.  If ginger is used as one of the root herbs, you will have to add a bit more flour to the recipe because the honey thins out a lot when it extracts the "hot" ginger constituents.

I put too much of the batter into one 9" round cake pan and it boiled all over the oven, almost caught fire, and otherwise created a pseudo catastrophe in my kitchen today, but somehow it still came out perfect.  I sliced the crispy burnt bubbley top off of the cake while still in the pan, and turned the cake upside down.  Voila, perfection.

I decided to ice both the cake, and the....what do I call this crispy carrot gingerbread flat thing?  Well, the easiest way I know to make homemade icing is to blend powdered sugar, butter, beets, lemon juice, and a dash of apple cider vinegar in the quisinart.

I iced the crispy carrot ginger snap cookies (cut into pie wedges), and the somehow perfect Carrot Cake.  Mmmmhhh  Roots!!!

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