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Monday, February 02 2015
Bark and Roots

My first ever client surprised me once being genuinely confused that I had the audacity to use the guest restroom instead of the one for "the help". She was surprised by my ignorance of a custom or rule that perhaps I should have known.  In her world "the help" knows certain house rules. I am admittedly more at home in the field.  She never said those things, of course she wouldn't. I was in no position to do anything other than apologize to her and the housekeeper who now had to clean the guest bathroom a second time. I could see in her eyes that she wasn't being petty or malicious.  Frugal, perhaps?  She cared for my welbeing, in her way, but was operating out of an extremely divisive class where servants simply do not use first class restrooms. I mean, that is where the expensive soaps and toilet paper that doesn't disentigrate goes. She was and is a very kind and generous woman, but we come from completely different worlds and I did not know her ways. I was in no position to decline her gracious offer to use separate indoor plumbing, and receive $40/day for walking her dogs twice per day (while she was home). She had no way of knowing, until I told her years later, but she rescued me and my cubs like some people do dogs. 

I am Stella Dreamwalker, and it is 2016.  For nine years, I have been the owner of this pet sitting service.  I am an herbalista, an urban shaman, a farmer who speaks with the animals and the plants, an intuitive psichi-creative daughter of MA, servant of the almighty creator, a re-love-utionary poet.  I am a survivor.  I am a warrior of truth and I am of Sound Mind with a Body of Light! I am working to create a loving garden under which rivers flow!

I live and work and love and grow and build with people who are very honest and forthcoming about the realities of racism and classism in America and the world. It isn't easy to talk or write about, but you can not genuinely have compassion for animals without compassion for humans. The truth is that every human from every walk of life has an arangement of customs, beliefs, patterns, and stories that they have been told from their youth.  We have to find ways of honoring one another's truths, values, and beliefs, while still rooting out that which is unbalanced, and incorrect.  Some of each of our beliefs are destructive lies that damage our growth as individuals, families, and as the whole of humanity.  When we see it and don't talk about it, or say it's wrong, but don't look for the root, we move away from civility, compassion, justice, and humanity and towards something worse than being an animal, barbarism.

Peace is of the utmost importance, and restoration of our environment.  I seek to teach my daughters to be world stewards of Peace by giving them the building blocks of more than one language.  The fundamentals of Hebrew, Amharic, Arabic, and even some Chinese characters.  These ancient Alph-Bets and the Math of how they resonate in cycles are tools that can and must be used to wage peace just as they have been used to wage war.  Teaching compassion through caring for plants and animals is also key to our survival.  Animal handling is a skill, that along with education and entrepreneurship provide a means to create dreams.  This company is my dream job, sharing my gifts and skills to provide opportunities for family and friends. 

I am expanding in 2016, into the travel business as well as the pet sitting business.  My goal is to earn well, travel to the temples and sacred sites and root places where people have created civilization, and to visit with and listen to people who are actively working to stop wars over things like water, land, and places and times to pray.

I have too much heart and soul to sit quietly while my relatives are endangered.  That goes for the humans, wolves, eagles, bears, and all my relations.

I am Stella Dreamwalker, and this is my blog, Bark and Roots.

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